Professional athletes UNDER WSM mandate


Professional athletes OUTSIDE WSM mandate

WSM, in partnership with 4 high performance medical centers

CERS (European Center for Sports Rehabilitation) in Capbreton

INSEP National Institute of Sport Expertise and Performance in Paris

Sports Medical Center

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  • Diagnosis and evaluation
  • Rehabilitation: posttraumatic care of the athlete
  • Follow-up and care accompaniment
  • Surgical interventions
  • Medical exams


  • Individual support, personalized advice
  • Nutritional balance
  • Food plan Regular follow-up in consultation
  • Weight management (analysis (skin folds, follow-up and advice) and specific dietary plan)
  • Analysis of your diet according to your training program (PPG, PPS, internships …)
  • Development of a plan adapted to the trainings
  • Tests of products of the effort
  • Test of a hydration and feeding strategy for different sports conditions
  • Logistics help during competitions
  • Cooking classes for sportsmen
  • Skype consultation during internships or competitions abroad
  • Accompaniment and logistical assistance (meals / snacks, …) during training courses and / or competitions
  • Food Rebalancing – Weight Loss – Muscle Massing
  • Taking into account allergies, eating disorders and gluten intolerance
  • Taking anthropometric measurements
  • Estimate & Calculation of Energy Requirements and Macronutrient Requirements
  • Analysis / assessment of your body composition by Bio impedancemetry with certified medical equipment (calculation fat mass, muscle, bone, volume and water distribution)
  • Editing custom documents:
    – Objectives sheet
    – Food Plan
    – Balance sheet analysis of your body composition
  • Checking & Adjusting Calculated Metabolic Needs: Energy Requirements and Macronutrient Requirements


  • Demand analysis, strengths and weaknesses advice
  • Determination, purpose and plan of action
  • Individual follow-up / Collective follow-up
  • Sophrology, emotion control, mirror neuron, hypnosis
  • NLP therapies and exercises (neurolinguistic preparation)
  • Systemic
  • Nonviolent Communication (NVC)
  • Managing stress and emotions before and during a competition è Developing concentration and decision-making
  • Manage a period of injury, promote rehabilitation and recovery
  • Facilitate and reinforce technical learning
  • Better channel energy and activation level
  • Improve self-esteem and self-confidence, develop leadership
  • Optimize relationships with athletes è Strengthen the motivation and confidence of its athletes (STAFF)
  • Know and use the first tools and techniques of mental preparation
  • Programming and planning of psychological training è Management of conflicts disrupting performance, stress,
  • erformance and underperformance

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