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WSM puts its network to the services of professional clubs and semiprofessional clubs in order to conclude sponsorship agreements.

Sponsoring a third party is the way in which any advertiser associates their brand and their image with that of a sports club.

Sponsoring, an English contraction of the sponsorship concept, aims to promote the image of the “godfather” by placing the image, the logo and the name of the latter in evidence to highlight its brand.

This commercial transaction must be based on an exchange of good procedures with financial support in return for a publicity transaction.


Do you want to develop your club ?

Be sponsored to give you financial or technical support to carry out your project.
Sponsoring is the marketing tool that includes all the means used by a company to support a sports club.

Several forms of support




In return, the club must provide visibility to the company, to the extent of its contribution, allowing it to improve its values, to increase its notoriety and its image.

Your goals are our goals

You want to increase your



Sales figures

Market shares

WSM brings you synergies of skills and tools to find future sponsors


Analyze the situation


Create the conditions of the partnership


Find adapted financing


Interact with your partners


Valuing your partners

WSM brings you its expertise to build the project of the club with

Private partners

Public partners

WSM brings you its experience to boost partnerships


Visibility exchanges

WSM associates according to the importance of projects to implement with marketing / communication agencies to set up a global project and support your club.

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