Tailor made courses !
Come with your STAFF
To choose the STAFF WSM
WSM brings all its know-how and logistics in setting up altitude training.

We can organize your stay, plan your training and supervise you throughout your internship in a partial or complete way to fulfill your initial objectives.

Make your choice, you are a decision maker !
Creation, organization and partial or total management of your internship (logistics, transport, catering, schedule, room rental, ancillary activities)
Proposed accommodation in chalets or apartments that meet your expectations (comfort, location, capacity, options and hotel services)
Provision of infrastructure and quality training equipment (athletic preparation, recovery)
Provision of the best professionals and partners of the Region
Planning and programming of your training sessions

Your goals become our goals

If needed, a professional STAFF on request
– Coach specialized in a sports discipline
– Fitness Trainer
– Mental Trainer
– Nutritionist
– Physiotherapist
– Osteopath
Prophylaxis & Injury Prevention
Rehabilitation & Reathlisation
Recovery and regeneration cycle
Athletic preparation before the summer recapture
Athletic preparation during the periods of truce
Preparation for a significant deadline (Olympic Games, World Cup, European Cup, African Cup of Nations …)
Preparation before a club test
Group cohesion
Crisis management
Mental training
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