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« Your success is our priority »
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World Sports Management, is an expert company in the management, coaching, management and career development of professional players, hopes, athletes and high level coaches from various sport disciplines.

With our professional experience and our know-how in the field, we have a network around the world that we maintain and develop constantly.

Specializing in representing and protecting sports, financial and family interests, we build lasting relationships with our clients.

« Alone, we go faster. Together we go further »

A complete and exclusive management service

Each aspect of the career until his after career is handled by a qualified expert (canvassing clubs, negotiation and contract management, legal and tax monitoring, asset management …).

WSM relies on a network trusted professionals recognized for their excellence and with a perfect knowledge of the workings of high level sport.

During these last years, we had the privilege to represent many talents through the best French, European and world clubs.

In today’s era, the popularity of athletes has become an essential asset for advertisers, brands and companies.

Therefore, we pay particular attention to the use of the image of our customers with the media and the different vectors of communication (sponsorship contract, image rights, sporting events, interview, Community Manager, use social networks …).

In parallel, WSM has been able to specialize in the organization of high altitude courses in the heart of the French Alps for sports federations, clubs and individual athletes (group cohesion, land work, muscle building, reathlisation, seminars …).

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